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00036931 - BacklogBugpublic2020-06-15 01:34
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Summary0003693: Satellite tracker: Next Passes window show drawing error
DescriptionA situation exists where when looking at the Next Passes with the World Map view selected, the track lines from AOS to LOS migrate to the rightmost pass image.
The two attached pictures show both working, and error condition.
Steps To ReproduceThe fault can be reproduced readily by alternating the "Auto Hide" pinned status of the window, or by pressing the refresh button when the auto-hide is pinned.
Additional InformationTicket 747580
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ModuleSatellite Tracking
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2020-06-15 01:34


Sat-Track-Screenshot-2020-06-14- Good.jpg (463,883 bytes)
Sat-Track-Screenshot-2020-06-14 Error.jpg (490,969 bytes)

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