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00036941 - BacklogGeneralpublic2020-06-16 17:02
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Summary0003694: No display of current VFO in use for the IC7300
DescriptionWhen using HRD with the rig Control window open. currently HRD does not display the current VFO in use. HRD does switch from VFO A to VFO B as required. Spoke with customer to verify the HRD was switching back and forth. Radio it's self indicates what VFO.

However Rig Control does show the two different Frequencies by indicating the active frequency in the center of the screen. With the the other VFO in smaller display down and to the right of the main frequency display.
Additional InformationSee enclosed attachment from OS ticket 579187
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ModuleRig Control
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2020-06-16 17:02


screen 7300 vfob.PNG (138,482 bytes)
screen 7300 vfob.PNG (138,482 bytes)

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