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00036991 - BacklogBugpublic2020-06-29 14:31
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Summary0003699: HRD Remote server
DescriptionAs reported by customer Freshdesk ticket 392.

Attempting to set up HRD remote Server, and The remote server is responding on the port (default 7805), however, when I attempt to connect, it keeps telling me invalid username/password. I have checked the HRD RemoteSvr.CFG file against what I am using, and restarted the service multiple times, and the user/pass is correct, but I'm still getting that error. I've tried changing the user/pass to different settings, and I've tried the original defaults. with and without uppercase. Any help would be appreciated.
Additional InformationI have also attempted to setup the remote server here as well. I am also getting he same result. Tim and Ferry were working with a customer in previous week on a similar issue with Remote server.

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