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00037041 - BacklogMaintenancepublic2020-07-13 09:55
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Summary0003704: Refine power adjustment via slider for Elecraft KX3 TX Power Control
Descriptionfound the slider and enabled it.

Now I think I'm finding that the slider is assuming I have the KXPA100? Any TX power setting above 5W requested and on the radio I see a brief message "PA OFF" and it jumps back to 5W. On the KX3 I can dial up to 15W on some bands but the slider stops at 12W. I do not have the KXPA100 so I'd like the TX power to understand that it can be set from 0.0 up to 15.0 in tenths of a watt.

Looking at the K series Programmer's reference I see that the protocol does support tenths. By testing with the KX3 Utility, I find that the radio can be controlled in tenths. Test Results:
Send "PC005;" showing 0.5W
Send "PC050;" showing 5.0W
Send "PC100;" showing 10.0W
Send "PC150;" showing 15.0W (if allowed)
Send "PC;" get current TX Power level in hundredths (received "PC0860;" while radio was set to 8.6W).
When I sent a power level higher than allowed the radio simply jumped back to the highest allowed TX Power.

For reference. Please see Freshdesk ticket 617
Additional InformationI'm running firmware Rev 5 uC 02.90 and have the following max TX Power limits:
160M - 12W
80M - 15W
40M - 15W
30M - 15W
20M - 15W
17M - 12W
15M - 12W
12M - 12W
10M - 12W
6M - 10W
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