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00037111 - BacklogBugpublic2020-07-22 01:21
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Summary0003711: Using Copy function in Award tracking crashes Logbook
DescriptionWhen trying to make a copy of all IOTA's needed, logbook crashes.
Steps To Reproduce1. In HRD Logbook select "Award Tracking"
2. Under "Award Programs" select "IOTA (HRD)"
3. Doubleclick the value in row "IOTA", column "Worked"
4. New pane opens named "IOTA(HRD):My Logbook" containing a list of all IOTA islands worked, in order.
5. From the Edit menu, click "Select All" or type control-A in the pane. All lines are highlighted.
6. Click "Copy" button above pane OR go to Edit menu, click "Copy"
7. Dialog box appears: "HRD Logbook encountered a problem. A minidump was written to:"
Additional InformationTicket 1101
Minidump is found on Google DRiveFS in the Dumps folder under the corospondending Mantis #
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2020-07-22 01:16


iota1.jpg (261,875 bytes)
iota1.jpg (261,875 bytes)
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iota2.jpg (205,470 bytes)
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