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0000459Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2017-05-23 15:23
ReporterW4PCAssigned ToWA9PIE 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.2.10.377 
Summary0000459: Several issues in ALE dialog box of Logbook
DescriptionSee attached image of ALE dialog above Logbook window with Callsign Lookup pane.

1. Selection error in Call field ... enter a callsign (e.g.,
IZ2PNT) and Tab to cause lookup ... double-click the Call field to
select it in preparation for typing another call to replace it ...
type another callsign (e.g, KF5SA) ... the first just typed letter
appears and disappears leaving the original call in the field ...
if you continue typing the new letters prepend the orginal call ...
also, after entering a callsign, double-click and press Del to
delete the callsign, it blinks and reappears ...

2. Several timing issues ... I entered IZ2PN paused briefly and
entered 'T' ... the lookup on the Worked tab remained 'IZ2PN' only
without the 'T' ... trying to do the lookup based on timing AND
looking for Tab apparently causes timing problems ... best to just
require Tab or something more reliable than timing ...

3. Clicking the 'QRZ' button does not display the QRZ Web page as
it does everywhere else in HRD (e.g., QRZ button in Lookup pane,
DM780, etc.). The mouse-over help says it does a Callsign Lookup
but it doesn't do that either as the Callsign Lookup pane in the
Logbook window under this modal dialog box never changes when the
'QRZ' button is pressed. Since it's a modal dialog box it is
logically "attached" to its parent window and should therefore have
a tight relationship to it ... i.e., it should change the Callsign
Lookup pane in its parent window. At a minimum please rename it and clarify its function in the mouse-over help.
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2014-10-15 08:43

administrator   ~0000572

Clicking the QRZ button in the ALE was never intended to open a browser to QRZ. This isn't a bug. This is an enhancement request.


2016-12-03 21:57

administrator   ~0003051

Changing to enhancement request. Closing. Denied. Folks can click the QRZ button in the lookup pane to do the same thing. It's not worth the trouble.


2016-12-03 21:58

administrator   ~0003052

No plans to do this.

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