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00004931 - BacklogBugpublic2019-08-27 11:39
ReporterW4PCAssigned ToWA9PIE 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformOSWindowsOS VersionWin 7 64bit
Summary0000493: Logbook Edit Selections show all Problem
DescriptionWhen using the edit selections dialog box the "Show All" selection does not work.
It always defaults back to the amount you have set in the "Maximum" setting.
Steps To ReproduceJust select "show all" and the same amount that's set in Maximum will still be displayed.
Additional InformationI am using Alpha Ver but its not listed in the Mantis Release versions.
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TestingNot Started


related to 0002932 new 3 - Current Dev List Logbook: confusing design around "Selection" pane and "Query" settings 



2013-12-24 22:19

administrator   ~0000083

Changing status to "New" until we confirm that this is a bug or a trouble ticket.


2016-12-03 17:26

administrator   ~0003050

I have no idea what "Edit Selections" is supposed to do.


2017-03-05 22:09

administrator   ~0003116

I looked for this in 633 and I can't even find it.


2018-06-11 23:46

administrator   ~0005243

Wow... this took quite a long time to understand. Yeah, it's broken... but doesn't seem like a very useful feature either.


2019-03-19 04:58

updater   ~0007707

Ticket #854108
Right clicking on any item on the list will open a 'Logbook Selections' window where it is possible to create new, or modify
old selections (or delete not needed ones).
The new "Selections" I create do not work and actually cannot be saved as specified.


2019-08-14 08:51

updater   ~0008405

New ticket 629520


2019-08-14 15:03

updater   ~0008408

Via G3UCQ.
"I noticed you updated Mantis 0000493 today. This issue is related to Mantis 0003191.
The Logbookquries.xml file gets corrupted if you attempt to edit / save it. It has been like this for a number of releases although it has worked previously.
David G4NVB "


2019-08-17 10:58

reporter   ~0008415

I've never used this function but just had a little play. I set up a filter to display only the logbook entries from a previous QTH with the QRA square IO92ua. This locator is set in the "My Station" parameter for those QSOs.

This new filter appears to save OK but does not work - it still displays all contacts in the logbook when run.
On inspection of the "LogbookQueries.XML" file which stores all of these filters I can see that my new filter has been saved in the file BUT the filter parameters in the relevant search line are blank

<Match Date2="0.00000000000000000000" Date1="0.00000000000000000000" DateMatchType="5" EnableDate="0" Logic="0" Type="0" Enable="0"Match="" Field=""/>

The rest of the file is not corrupted (an earlier comment mentioned a corruption) but the new filter is not saving all of the data.


2019-08-27 11:39

updater   ~0008454

Had a other inquiry about this issue. Noted from customer that if Selections are executing no problem. However it you modify one it does not work correctly. It reports the whole log.

Also If you create or (add) a new one in-op.

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