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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 7 Professional 64-bitOS VersionSP1
Summary0000509: Multiple identities none functional in DM780
DescriptionAttempting to use multiple IDs in DM780 always defaults to main (registered) call in "My Station" data.
Directly entered "Tag" information does not persist to next session. A restart will either fill the "Tags" from the default "My Station" info or will be cleared of all data.
"My Station" guest information does not persist to next start of HRD/DM780. Attempting to add a second location under the main identity results in the registered call perpended to secondary call. This is incorrect format for MARS users. Even with a second location, the "Tags" do not pick up the correct information.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to setup a secondary DM780 identity with unique "Tags", shut down DM780/HRD, and restart. Check for persistence of "Tags".
Additional InformationThis has caused MARS use of DM780/HRD to be compromised.
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related to 0001438 assignedSupport Tags in DM-780 are not kept when between shutting down and restarting the program 



2017-08-17 09:38

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2017-08-17: With the advent of My Station profiles, I'm not real sure what Identities does for us, besides allowing a separate set of macros, favorites etc. etc.
I created a new identity (build 779) for KI4UNO, but when I switched to it, the DM Tags tab still showed my N4KIT tags. However, I can make new macros for the KI4UNO identity and the macros seem to switch with the identity.

If I right click on the My Station indicator in the toolbar, a set of QSO tags comes up which seems to be appropriate for the KI4UNO identity (or whatever identity is active), but in the tags window at the left of the DM screen, the tag set for N4KIT (or the "Main Identity") shows , so they do not match.

See screenshot - DM Tags.JPG (238,787 bytes) - DM Tags.JPG (238,787 bytes)

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