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00005332 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:22
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Summary0000533: DM780 Stop CW = No PTT next time
DescriptionShort version: Hitting F4 Stop in CW mode will prevent PTT from being triggered properly next time.

I showed Rick this bug at Dayton, he asked me to log it.

This issue has been around for a few releases, and its still there in the current version.

RigExpert TI-5 to FTdx5000MP (rig and interface doesn't matter).
Other interfaces will also show the problem.

It's just handy to use the RigExpert as it has an LED for CW and one for PTT. Makes it easy to see the problem.
Steps To ReproduceIn DM780, CW mode, put in something you want to send in the text window e.g.
W4PC de VE3MSC k

Just above that hit Send (F1).
PTT will come on solid, CW will blink w the code.
Part way through, before it finishes, hit Stop (F4).
PTT off, CW off.

Now, hit Send or hit mark all text as sent (tx with arrow icon).
PTT may flash on for an instant, but will go off.
CW will blink w code as normal.
PTT should have stayed on, but it doesn't!

Basically, if you've ever hit the STOP, DM780 wont trigger PTT properly again.
You can exit the program and relaunch DM780 to get this to work again.
Additional InformationIf you need to know, in the program options:
Modes+IDs: CW - Use PTT [x] [x] enable serial port keying, COM2, DTR.
PTT: PTT is via serial port COM2 on my setup, RTS.

Depending on your rig, e.g. Yaesu FT5000, putting rig in full break in mode may allow things to work, as key down will trigger transmit. However, if this mode is off, it won't work.

I tried to put in but its not an option for the Report Build below.
Also wasn't sure if I've cataloged this in right sub-module.
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2014-02-02 16:41

administrator   ~0000324

All have been viewed and checked-in.


2018-06-24 03:35

updater   ~0005416

Using my Icom IC-7610 I entered text in the Send window. Clicked F4 to send and part way through clicked F4 to Stop. Clicking F4 again continues sending from where the the transmission was stopped so works OK for me. However, no characters are actually transmitted. I tried setting DTR and RTS to On and Off but that may no difference..

Mode CW (Ky Cmd) does work but clicking F5 to stop the transmission does not Stop the transmission. Esc does not stop either. Transmission continues to the end of the characters.


2018-07-25 12:53

administrator   ~0005810

Updating these to Feedback, as all have questions or need re-tested.


2018-07-25 14:09

updater   ~0005823

Using CW (SSB) with my IC-7610 send CW with no problems.
Esc stops the sending after a while.

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