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Summary0000534: DM-780 - Annoying Placement of Radio Pane during Macro Edit
DescriptionIf you do any amount of work editing DM-780 macros, this soon begins to get really annoying. Why is the macro edit Radio pane 'always on top' and why is it positioned over the macro editing pane?

Could we please get this annoyance fixed? Thanks.
Steps To ReproduceRight click on any macro in the macro list that has radio control commands.
If one does not exist, create one.
Notice the behavior of the radio control dialog.
Additional InformationIf you move the main macro edit dialog left and the RC dialog to the right, and then close using the OK button, the screen position of the main macro edit dialog is remembered and pops up there on the next open. However the RC dialog consistently pops up center screen - i.e. the new position is not remembered.

- Remove the modal property of the RC dialog
- Make it's position relatively to the right of the macro edit dialog (if possible), or make it's new position (user moved) persistent from one open to the next.
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2017-08-18 07:38

developer   ~0004021

When Editing a Radio Control Macro, the Radio Pane dialog does pop up right over top of the Macro edit dialog. The RC dialog can be dragged aside, but I can see where if you were doing alot of macro editing of RC macros, it could get to be an annoyance.

Also, the RC dialog is modal and remains on top even if the main DM window is minimized.

See screenshot.


2017-08-18 07:47

developer   ~0004022

Screenshot added


2019-10-04 11:14

developer   ~0008746

I guess the problem here is that we want one window to appear in a different location, with different parenting. All this would need to be workable is some repro steps -- how to access the macro list and the window in question, in particular.

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