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00005355 - Closed w/o ActionBugpublic2019-07-25 15:02
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64-bit Pro
Summary0000535: Macro Sets do not retain associated file name
DescriptionIf you have a macro set saved in a file, that file name is not retained when you save the macro set again.

Macro sets should retain the filename in which they were created/saved.
Steps To ReproduceLoad a macro set, then save it.
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has duplicate 0002684 new 1 - Backlog Ticket #963988 - Macro File Name Discrepancy When Saving Custom Macros 
child of 0001566 assignedKB3NPH 1 - Backlog Macro issues (parent) 



2017-08-18 08:10

updater   ~0004023

Insufficient repro steps to be able replicate.
Entered by W4PC and original reporter is unknown so cannot contact for additional information.
I do note however that when you do File>SaveAs and save to a new filename, the macro definitions are saved to the new filename and also to DMMacroDefns.xml in the ...{user}\AppData\HRDLLC\Digital Master 780 folder. For this reason, on program start, it is unclear if the DMMacroDefns.xml or the user's custom saved definitions file is being loaded.
I would appear that if a user loads a completely different set of macros from a custom file, the users DMMacroDefns.xml is being overwritten with the new definitions.


2018-06-24 03:58

updater   ~0005418

I saved my Macros to a different name but that did not overwrite the default DMMacroDEFns.xml file.
I loaded both both files and they are different. I closed DM780 and then opened DM780 which used my custom Macros as before.


2019-06-06 13:34

administrator   ~0008005

The notes from N4KIT and G3UCQ seem to indicate this issue doesn't happen any more.

At the very least, this issue would benefit from clear repro steps and a solid description of the problem.


2019-06-06 14:07

updater   ~0008011

I edited my macros and saved my macros to a different name.
That did not overwrite the default macros.
Both definitions loaded as expected.
I was asked if I wanted to overwrite the default definition.
I selected Yes and then the default was over written with my test macro settings.
I was able to recover to my default settings in the Macro Manager.
No problem for me.

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