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Summary0000537: Macro set titles not updated from file load
DescriptionMacro set titles are available from files, but are not updated from a file load unless the 'Set Title' button is clicked.

Macro set titles should be loaded from the file, and the Macro Set title be made an editable field.
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2017-08-18 08:45

developer   ~0004025

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Holy hell, what a mess!
The more I noodle with the macros, the more confusing it gets.
It would now appear that, by default macro definitions are saved in several files:
DMMacroDefns.xml = Default set
DMMacroDefns_001.xml = Set 2
DMMacroDefns_002.xml = Set 3
DMMacroDefns_003.xml = Set 4
DMMacroDefns_004.xml = Set 5
DMMacroDefns_005.xml = Set 6

Moreover - the Load and SaveAs buttons on the toolbar appear to apply to the currently selected macro SET. This is probably good as one user could load another user's set of macros for e.g. a contest without overwriting all their other sets.

I think I understand the concept of having SaveAs - it allows a user to "export" a macro set to be sent to another user to "Load" - i.e. sharing.

If that is the case, then my comments RE Mantis 0000535 and 0000536 may be irrelevant and I would suggest the following adjustments:
1. Relabel the "SaveAs" button as "Export Set" with the same functionality.
2. Change the default directory for the "Export Set" save as dialog to the users My Documents directory
3. Relabel the "Load" button as "Import Set"
4. Change the default directory for the "Import Set" dialog to the users My Documents directory
5. Add a warning dialog to the "Import Set" button - "Warning - this will overwrite the macros in the current macro set, Do you wish to continue" Yes/No
6. Change the current "Import" button label to "Copy from Set"

With respect to this specific Mantis item, yes, the Set title when loading ("Importing") a macro defs from a file should replace the default "Set #" title. The user can then use the "Set Title" button to rename the set if desired.


2017-08-18 08:53

developer   ~0004026

Mike - need you to take a hard look at Mantis 0000535, 536, 537. Start at 537 and work your way backward. See if you agree with me, if so you can change statuses as you see fit.


2018-07-26 11:58

administrator   ~0005847

Tim - can you take a look at this and see if you can replicate it?


2019-01-03 22:53

administrator   ~0006875

On this report it's said that the name of the macro set that has been saved will not be added when the set is reloaded into DM-780. This is totally incorrect. Lets say for example you create a macro set that is used with a specific radio and assign it a set name of "FT-950 Macros". If you "save" this macro set in order to be able to load it into DM-780 at a later date, at first when you click the "SAVE" option in the Macro Manager to save this set, it will default to a filename of "DMMacroDefns.xml". Rather than continuing to save the file with the default name (DMMacroDefns.xml), you must change it to the set name that you have created. In other words you enter "FT-950 Macros" and it will then be saved to the file "FT-950 Macros.xml" in a location that you choose, like in your documents.

If it becomes necessary to reload this macro set back into DM-780, you would select an "empty set" (such as "set 3") in the Macro Manager, then click the "LOAD" option from the Macro Manager toolbar and navigate to where you saved the FT-950 Macros.xml file and select it. When it then loads into the empty set3 screen, the macros will be loaded, however the set name will still be "Set 3" and NOT the name of the file which it was saved as.

In order to restore the proper set name, all you have to do is click on the "SET TITLE" button located just to the right of the macro set name field and the loaded file name (FT-950 Macros) will be inserted where it currently indicates the original empty set name (Set 3).

This is really not a bug, but rather a poor design in the way the system saves and loads then reloads individually saved macro sets.

I hope this clarifies this and we can either close this with no action, and update our documentation to provide the proper way to save and load individual macro sets OR, change the design so that when a macro set is saved, the default filename IS the actual name of the macro set and NOT the default ""DMMacroDefns.xml" that has to be changed at the time of saving, then when reloaded instead of having to click the "Set Title" button to replace the name (set 3) in my example, replaces the "set 3" name with the actual filename.


2019-10-04 11:11

administrator   ~0008743

This issue contains no repro steps and not much of a description. Looks like there's a note that says the problem is with the UI design, but I don't see anything that specifically explains what the design should look like. We also have the decision of updating the documentation and fixing the application. If we have a good suggestion for fixing the application, then that probably should be preferred ...

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