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0000563Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-22 23:43
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PlatformIBM PCOSXP Pro SP3OS Version5.1SP3
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Summary0000563: Radio remains keyed after sending any message
DescriptionI am trying to get DM780 to work for FSK with a Yaesu FTdx5000MP. I am using a W3YY interface which provides optical isolation between the computer and the radio. I am using COM1 as the serial port to send data on Pin 3 of the port and PTT/FSK ground are connected to pin 5 of the port.. Both of these are optically coupled. On the radio side PTT is connected to Pin three of the RTTY Jack, FSK out is connected to Pin 1 of the RTTY Jack and PTT/FSK ground are connected to Pin 4 of the RTTY Jack. PTT is connected to In DM780 FSK is enabled, COM1 is the serial port and of TX, RTS and DTR, TX is selected and the device is a Hardware serial port. KRD is selected for PTT thru CAT command. When I try to send a message, the radio keys and the only thing that is transmitted is single tone and the radio never goes back to receive. I can shut off the xmit by clicking of the TX button. If I try to use COM1 RTS for the PTT, the rig stays keyed and the clicking of the TX button has no effect. The only way to shut stop transmitting is to shut the radio off and start over. The optical isolation is provided by a W3YY interface card. This set up works perfectly well using N1MM and mmtty so I know all the wiring is correct as I have described. I am using the latest version of HRD and DM780
Steps To ReproduceTry to send a message.
Additional InformationAccording to the about HRD it says i could not find this selection in the Report Build pull down window. I am very willing to help figure this out if you want me to try various configurations. If you want to do it over the phone, I can be reached at 1-734-426-3471. I can be free at just about any time with just a little notice.
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2014-01-28 19:03

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fsk fixed 6.2

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