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0000567Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-05-27 15:04
ReporterW4PCAssigned ToJOSE 
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PlatformPCOSWin XPOS VersionSP3
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.196 
Summary0000567: HRD Rotor unable to connect to M-Squared RC2800P-A
DescriptionRecent installation of HRD 6.1.3
M2 RC2800P-A RS232 connection COM3, PCI serial port controller, (not USB)
All other logging programs connect to rotor.
A simple HyperTerm session communicates with rotor, at least if attempted before starting HRD.
HRD Rotor not only fails to connect, attempting to do so trashes its ability to connect to other logging programs until it is power cycled.
Power cycle of M2 devise restores connectivity to other logging programs and HyperTerm but not HRD rotor.
HRD apparently disables communication of the M2 device.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start Windows Hyper Term, set up terminal session on COM3 9600,8,n,1
2. Type: A <cr> Unit responds with status
3. Type any integer 0-360 and <cr> Unit rotates to heading and reports status a couple times until ST.
4. Quit HyperTerm and start HRD rotor. (Rotor type and com port already configured)
5. Connect to rotor. After about a 4 second pause connection not established. (see logs in trouble ticket)
6. Quit HRD rotor and start HyperTerm again with HT file from before.
7. A <cr> produces no response.
8. Integer 0-360 turns the rotor, but no status displayed in HyperTerm
9. Turned off rotor for 10 seconds, then back on.
10. Rotor behavior normal as in steps 2 and 3.
11. Moved everything to COM1, same issues. COM1 is used successfully by HRD MAIN to communicate with K3 transceiver.
Additional InformationRef: trouble ticket 708484 much detail there.
M2 unit is 10 years old, but in perfect condition. Original firmware.
HRD ONLY program unable to work with this unit.
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