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00005731 - BacklogEnhancementpublic2018-06-11 23:53
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Summary0000573: States verified in LoTW is not included in WAS Award Tracking
DescriptionI have worked 43 US States, with 38 confirmed in LoTW (on the LoTW web), and another .
My last state was Alaska, worked in the CQWW SSB.
The Alaska contact was verified and the verificaton was downloaded from LoTW last week.
The QSO shows as LoTW verified in the log of HRD Logbook.
However, Alaska shows as "Entity Needed" in the HRD Logbook Award Tracker.
In the Matrix nothing is registered on Alaska.
The address/HRD Logbook Location of the station is in Alaska, with AK as state code.

The Award Tracking shows 37 states confirmed in total, with 35 on LoTW.
Arkansas, Georgia and Maine are confirmed on the LoTW web, while they appears as "QSL needed" in Award Tracking with only the LoTW button selected.
The contact confiomred for Maine in LoTW, shows as New Hampshire, which is th stations addres in Kansas shows as confirmed in HRD Logbook, while the same QSO on LoTW is confirmed from Greene County, Iowa.

It seems to me that HRD Logbook have used selected the ham's Location downloaded from, and let that override the QTH confirmed by LoTW.
I would think a confirmation from LoTW should override the QTH from In LoTW, which can have many QTHs, whil holds only one.
I know this has worked before, as I received an e-mail some months ago that the QTH in my LoTW verification was not the same as what I had mentioned in our QSO. It appeared that I had uploaded a number of QSOs to LoTW with the my home QTH, while I had been working from an IOTA island. I made a new upload with the correct QTH, and received an e-mail shortly afterwards that everything was now ok in the log of my QSO partner.
Additional InformationI have made new downloads from LoTW.
I have refreshed the Logbook and the Award Tracking, several times, and all the errors persist.
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2014-01-31 16:35

administrator   ~0000262

I wonder if this user has recorded any WAS awards since LOTW went live. That's required in order to get the data.


2015-09-17 09:37

administrator   ~0000612

Another user reporting this problem. Issue is... there is granted information in the LOTW download and we're not updating the granted (or submitted) status of the WAS award.


2016-02-22 22:47

administrator   ~0000736

And another...


2016-12-03 22:08

administrator   ~0003057

Changed from bug to enhancement. We need to do this. But it's never been a a feature.

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