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0000575Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-21 23:48
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.1.4.189 
Summary0000575: CQ DX Award (a non-LoTW award) counts LoTW confirmation and not worked entities, etc. as confirmed
Descriptiona. Many QSO in my log confirmed only by LoTW, shows as “Confirmed” in the overview table for the CQ DX Award.
As far as a know the CQ DX Award accepts QSL cards and eQSL, but not yet LoTW verification. I understand eQSL to be the service provided by, but not to include LoTW. Among CQ’s many awards, LoTW only verifies CQ WPX so far.
Maybe LoTW verificatiuons for 80/40m has been counted as eQSL, or there is some other link that should not be there yet.
For the CQ DX “SSB 10m” the numbers correspond to the DXCC numbers for SSB 10 m QSL confirmations only, i.e. not counting LoTW verifications.
b. The “SSB 80/40” column is wrong, and seems to replicate the “SSB” column exactly. Many entities never even “Worked” in 80 or 40 m, are shown as “Confirmed”, which is plain wrong. Having checked my log, everything seems to be ok there, when it comes to logging of the correct bands.
c. These errors flows through to the Matrix view, which shows the same erroneous information.
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