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00005805 - Closed w/o ActionBugpublic2019-09-14 01:59
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Summary0000580: Freq(RX) missing from ALE
DescriptionIn Ver 5, the ALE provided for entry or edit of Freq and Freq RX (VFO B).
In Ver 6 you have only Freq. When working DX split, this is an important feature. Expecially since the log records VFO B even when you are not working split, making it look like a split band QSO sometimes.

Please put this feature back in.
Steps To ReproduceTurn on the option in logbook to save VFO B (Freq RX) and log a QSO. You do not have the option of setting it, seeing it before the save, or changing it. (Infact updating the QSO may blank out a valid entry).
Additional InformationI realize that the computer interface may not be able to read "SPLIT" status on all radios and therefore HRD log cannot know when to use B and when to use A, but the function was workable in Ver 5. You saw what you were about to save, and if you saved it wrong you could correct it as an update and not have to use the six steps in "BULK UPDATE" (who thought that was a good idea?)
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
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related to 0002577 assignedK7ZCZ 1 - Backlog Frequency RX is blanked from existing log entry when updating record 
related to 0001608 closedK7ZCZ 5 - Closed w/o Action Add Field for RX Frequency 
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