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[1 - Backlog]  Enhancement
Rig Controlminor
openNot Started 2020-07-10KC7FPFEnable to operate SSB remotely with smart phone
   00036637   Logbookmajor
assigned (WILL)
reopened Beta Failed 2020-07-09WA9PIEALE "Start" time is not being properly reset when the user has set it to "Set by User"
   00036324   Logbookmajor
assigned (WILL)
openNot Started 2020-07-09PD9FERFilling in a Call in ALE and Hit Enter takes long time to be written to the DB
   000368921 Logbookmajor
resolved (WILL)
fixedNot Started 2020-07-09WA9PIECannot connect to DX cluster when the user has selected a callsign to use that contains a slash character
   00036211   Websiteminor
assigned (WA9PIE)
openNot Started 2020-07-09WA9PIEEnabling PayPal as a form of payment for auto-orders
   000365642 Logbookminor
assigned (DOUG)
reopened Alpha Failed 2020-07-09WA9PIEIncrement SSID on DX cluster reconnect to eliminate the ping-pong of login/logout events on DX clusters
   000340511 Websitemajor
assigned (DOUG)
openNot Started 2020-07-09WA9PIESync user profile information between UltraCart, QLM, Freshdesk, and SendGrid
   0003702 1
[1 - Backlog]  Bug
openNot Started 2020-07-09PD9FEREXPORT > XML in Logbook creates a non readable file for MS Excel
[3 - Current Dev List]  Maintenance
Rig Controlminor
acknowledged (DOUG)
openNot Started 2020-07-07PD9FERcopyright Date not updated
[1 - Backlog]  Bug
open2020-07-07k2ieLookup while in update mode overwrites QSO date/time
[3 - Current Dev List]  Enhancement
resolved (DOUG)
fixedNot Started 2020-07- option to include Comment field from prior QSO to be included in callsign lookup
   000326011 Rotatorminor
openNot Started 2020-07-05PD9FERRotator application, Gauge is not letting it resize
   00025772   Logbookmajor
assigned (K7ZCZ)
openNot Started 2020-07-05k2ieFrequency RX is blanked from existing log entry when updating record
   00036951   Logbookmajor
assigned (DOUG)
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEAdditional callsigns with prefix that do not contain a number are not showing in My Station
   000361512 Logbookmajor
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEParent issue for QSL labeling issues
   0003620    Websiteminor
assigned (WA9PIE)
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIESorting out the problem with the 15005 transaction failures
   00034213   Websitemajor
assigned (WA9PIE)
reopenedNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEFix the entitlement issue when PayPal is used (UltraCart)
   00031912   Logbookmajor
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHV6.5.0.195 BETA "Logbook > File > Edit Selections > Manager"
   000329711 Allminor
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEAnother Test Issue
   0003296 1 Allminor
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIETest Issue
[3 - Current Dev List]  Maintenance
assigned (DOUG)
openNot Started 2020-07-02PD9FERNew and altered IOTA data in Logbook
   00023152   Rig Controlcrash
open2020-07-02PD9FERFT-891 Setting bandscope limits crashes HRD
   00021611   Logbooktweak
open2020-07-02PD9FERRadio type displayed in Display Radio screen in logbook not allways correct
   0003017    Logbookminor
assigned (K7ZCZ)
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIERedundant commands sent to rig when selecting spots in Logbook's DX cluster contributes to performance issues
   00022563   Satellite Trackingcrash
assigned (KB3NPH)
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHSat Tracker goes non-responsive
   00014984   DM780minor
open2020-07-02SupportDM780 - ALE frequency offset
   0001382    Rig Controlcrash
open2020-07-02SupportBandscanner runs for awhile and crashes HRD
   00005334   DM780major
open2020-07-02W4PCDM780 Stop CW = No PTT next time
   00033551   Logbookminor
assigned (K7ZCZ)
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEEliminate the limit of 10 locations per callsign in My Station
   0003348    Logbookfeature
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEAdd callsign lookup button to make it easier to populate the My Station dialog
   00032363   Mappertweak
assigned (g3ucq)
openNot Started 2020-07-02g3ucqMapper Splash Screen
   0003201    Logbookfeature
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEAdd capability of one QSO existing in multiple grids and update VUCC awards program
   0003173 1 Satellite Trackingmajor
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHSatellite Tracker not showing VFO-B in Radio Pane
   00031331   Rig Controlfeature
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEAdd Elecraft K3S to Rig Control
   00031321   Satellite Trackingfeature
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEAdd NASA All to Satellite Tracking
   00031281   Logbookminor
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIENeed a way to distinguish satellite and non-satellite QSOs for DXCC 2m and Satellite award
   000309972 Rig Controlminor
assigned (K7ZCZ)
openNot Started 2020-07-02KC7FPFImplement buton access to Voice Recordings Playback Bank, 5 memories, using CAT Command PB Play Back
   00029071   Rig Controlminor
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIEInvestigate IC-7410 rig control commands
   00027986   Logbookmajor
openNot Started 2020-07-02g3ucqThe Date field in ALE can reverse DD/MM to MM/DD
   000268631 Logbookcrash
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHRandom Crashes when clicking on stations in bandmap
   0002139    Satellite Trackingminor
assigned (K7ZCZ)
openNot Started 2020-07-02PD9FERSatellite tracking with multiple radio's not working as expected
   00020741   Satellite Trackingcrash
assigned (KB3NPH)
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHSat Track crash when manual tuning
   000196511 Satellite Trackingminor
assigned (K7ZCZ)
openNot Started 2020-07-02NT9EThe radio pane connect button
   000192711 Logbookfeature
openNot Started 2020-07-02WA9PIECreate popup for sysop announcement
   00019183   Logbookminor
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHMode not changing when using BandMap
   0001830    Rotatormajor
assigned (KB3NPH)
openNot Started 2020-07-02KB3NPHYaesu Rotor CAT not working
   00018044   DM780minor
assigned (py3og)
open2020-07-02py3ogSpot Calls on World Map
   000179052 Logbookcrash
openNot Started 2020-07-02k2ieCluster Email Alarm Configuration Crashes Logbook
   000173061 Rotatormajor
assigned (PD9FER)
openNot Started 2020-07-02user36Rotator - Yaesu Rotators via CAT command do not function properly
   00013931   Satellite Trackingmajor
openNot Started 2020-07-02SupportSat tracker will not control 2 FT857's